Time is of the essence once you are slapped with weapons charges! In the USA, the high frequency of shooting accidents in schools and public places has caused quite a furor in the judicial system. The state and the federal courts now treat possession of illegal firearms a criminal offense of the highest order.

The complicated legal connection:

The second amendment rights have made firearms possession very controversial. In states like Colorado, there are many clauses as to who are authorized to carry firearms and how they can be used legally. If you have been booked under a weapons charge, you could be looking at a heavy financial penalty and/or a long time behind bars. Colorado may have relaxed carrying firearms in public without permit or license, but they have strict regulations enforced on its’ purchase. You are not allowed to purchase firearms if:

  • You have a previous criminal record or are currently undergoing a trial for a crime committed
  • You have a previous criminal record or are currently undergoing a trial for an attempted crime
  • You are a drug addict and undergoing rehab
  • You habitually consume alcohol
  • You don’t carry a USA non-immigrant visa
  • If you have been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces

The way out:

As mentioned earlier, time is of the essence. It is best to solicit expert help in this matter. And Weeden law firm in Denver has one of the most successful track records of acquitting or reducing criminal charges of illegal firearm possession. These experts are seasoned at gathering evidence and witness and have handled cases such as the illegal discharge of a weapon, its’ possession, especially as a first timer and/or minor. When it comes to building your weapons crime defense, every lead is critical that can make or break the case. If you or your loved one is caught in this complex web of firearms, help is around the corner!