An unattended death can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience for those impacted by it. No one involved wants to consider how to clean up the scene of the passing. That is why we, the professionals, are called in: to help people move forward in the healing process by cleaning up the area where an unattended death occurred. When you need the best unattended death cleanup Houston Texas has to offer, we are there to provide excellent service.

All of our technicians working with unattended death cleanups are trained and certified in how to handle the situation. They are certified to handle biohazardous situations, which is what unattended death situations are because of the release of bodily fluids that occurs when a body decomposes.

Bodies decompose particularly quickly in warm climates and in warm weather.Because of the speed at which a body decomposes, it is essential to get the death scene cleaned up as quickly as possible. We will arrive promptly after we are called, typically within an hour, and we will assess the situation and begin the cleanup process.

You can rely on our services to be efficient and thorough. We take pride in minimizing the risk of infection from blood borne pathogens in bodily fluids. We know that we are responsible for the health of our employees, clients, and the general public on every job we do. While we work quickly, we don’t sacrifice quality in our work.

Some materials and items cannot be salvaged because they cannot be disinfected. We sanitize every surface and item that we can, but, sometimes, we discard items like carpeting, flooring, dry wall and furniture. These items can later be replaced to return the area to its original condition. We try to save as many items that are of sentimental value to our clients as possible.

An unattended death also means that there is likely to be an odor problem. We deodorize as many items as we can and discard what we cannot deodorize. We are committed to help you return your business or home to its original condition.

We work with attention to our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. We work with as light a footprint as possible to show respect for the living and working space of our clients. Discreet work is one of our top priorities. When you need the best unattended death cleanup Houston Texas can provide, give us a call.