An unattended death can be an overwhelming situation, and those impacted by it do not want to have to deal with the aftermath of cleaning it up. It is important to call the professionals in to clean up an unattended death, and for the best unattended death cleanup Dayton Ohio has to offer, give us a call. We will provide unparalleled support to our clients by providing excellent cleaning services.

When an unattended death occurs, the body decomposes quickly. This is especially true in warm climates and warm weather. Bodily fluids that are released mean that that situation is a biohazardous one. Blood, for example, can contain pathogens that can infect someone if they come into contact with biohazardous materials.

In order to minimize the risk of infection, we are very careful in our cleaning work. Our technicians undergo a rigorous training process and become certified in cleaning biohazardous materials. They assess and clean thoroughly using the latest best practices and cleaning materials available.

Our clients come first in our work, and we know that safeguarding their health is our number one priority. Putting people first in our work and respecting their privacy and confidentiality is also important. We work discreetly and are typically finished with our work in a few hours, depending on the nature of the situation. We work with as light of a footstep as possible to demonstrate respect for our clients’ working and living space.

Unattended deaths are tragic situations that require the utmost attention to detail to ensure the safety of our technicians and anyone who enters the scene. We will safely discard of any materials that we cannot disinfect. This might include flooring, carpeting, and drywall. While we strive to return the scene to its original state, this is not always possible for safety reasons.

The deodorization process required in unattended deaths may also require us to discard of certain items. As bodies decompose they not only release bodily fluids, but they also begin to smell badly. The smell can linger if not properly removed. We will make sure that the scene is returned to its original condition as much as possible. If we have to discard drywall or other items, the area will be able to be easily restored.

When you need the best unattended death cleanup Dayton Ohio can offer, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.