At times, a child may ask their parent to purchase a new and unique dress for them. Choosing a cloth that will please a kid who is keen on their overall appearance can be tricky. To add salt to injury, the economy seems to hit hard. Nevertheless, girls need trendy clothes and parents have many options to choose from. Here are top eight designer dresses for girls you need to consider.

Alice McCall

Alice McCall, a prominent designer recently produced the dreamlike Alice McCall design. It comprises frilly dresses with varying textures and tones. Also, the dress has vampy silhouettes. It is part of the Rococo-inspired collection of dresses.

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Stephanie Henly

Stephanie Henly incorporated the embroidery art in his recent collection of St. George NextGen dresses. The dress has a distinct fashion due to its metallic design. It amazes many people as it has intricate details.

Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil showcased his new designer dress at Carriageworks, Australia. The dresses are available in fitted, sequin-studded and A-line options. Also, it entails a lot of layering and beading work. When designing the dress, Khalil aimed at creating a textural, feminine and modern gown.

Dion Lee

Dion Lee produced a nautical resort dress collection. It featured asymmetrical lines, colorful dresses and twisted silhouettes. The dress comprises of manipulated silhouettes. When making it, Dion used three layers of Jersey. Also, Lee perforated the design to enable its silhouette to open while creating a sculptural movement.

Strateas Carlucci

Paris Metro inspired Mario-Luca and Peter Strateas to design the transit dress. The cloth displays the designers’ expertise in tech fabrics. It has a sleek style that makes it a popular brand. Moreover, it explores the real world’s grit contrary to typical cities canopy.

Justin Cassin

Early this year, Justin Cassin produced a street-smart designer dress which portrays confidence and comfort. Also, it consist of lose tailoring. It has several zips and rips and a resin dye that provides it a rigid appearance.

Georgia Gown

Ginger and Smart were inspired by the geometry which women sculptors use when presenting colorful and poppy collections that are rich in texture. Such a unique dress includes the Georgia gown which is available in lotus pink. Its designers intended to create a distinct fabric that represented paintings in soft sculptures.

Double Rainbouu

The Double Rainbouu is a hedonic design which Toby Jones and Michael Nolan produced. They featured various statement knits from the Woolmark firm.
Girls like wearing stylish clothes when attending special events.

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