We understand that sitting in a dentist’s chair isn’t most people’s idea of a good time. What’s also not a good time is your or a family member continuing to suffer from ongoing issues with your mouth or jaw. Here’s why you should stop avoiding the inevitable and get your issues permanently resolved. Other Crofton orthodontics providers in the area won’t give you the care and advice administered by the doctors and staff at Labbe Family Orthodontics.

  1. You Can Get Relief From Ongoing Discomfort

Orthodontic options like clear braces or orthognathic surgery can relieve you of jaw pain or other issues you’re having with your mouth. There’s no need to continue suffering when our qualified orthodontists and surgeons can resolve your issues and finally allow you to live comfortably.

We’ll talk you through each of our options and help you understand what to expect. We’ve found that knowledge goes a long way towards combating fear. It can break down procedures seeming overly complicated on the surface. The scary gets turned into a routine process with a clear goal of offering you relief.

  1. You Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

It’s amazing all the different ways people come up with to avoid displaying their teeth. Labbe Family Orthodontics offers numerous options for correcting your smile. Even adults can try one of our clear brace options if they’re afraid metal ones will make them feel like they’re going through puberty again.

A great smile builds self-esteem and allows you to proceed through life with renewed purpose. You’ll feel better about yourself, which improves the moods of those interacting with you.

  1. You Could Live More Comfortably

Sometimes the current structure of our teeth makes it difficult to eat the food you want. It could be because of the alignment of your jaw makes it hard for you to speak or eat certain foods. Constantly working around these limitations still disrupts the quality of your life even if you aren’t experiencing any pain.

Our orthognathic surgery process shifts your teeth into their proper positioning using braces. We then perform surgery aligning your jaw correctly. You’ll be amazed at the difference once we’ve completed the entire process. What’s the point of living the rest of your life adjusting for your mouth issues when you can take care of your problems and make your life better?

There’s nothing to lose by at least stopping by for a consultation. We’ll offer you advice and won’t pressure your or any family members into anything you’re not comfortable doing. Call us today at (443) 603 – 3448 to set up an appointment today. You won’t find better Crofton orthodontics care anywhere else.