Most of the bodybuilders and athletes usually prefer to take oral steroids to get wonderful results. You can choose your steroids based on your objective. In this article we shall touch upon few of the best oral steroids that are available in the market. However, you must bear in mind that taking any steroid certainly is not without any risks. There can be plenty of unwanted side effects that can affect your health.

However, looking at the results many people consider it worth taking risk. These days, many dietary supplements have also appeared in the market. However, bodybuilders still have more confidence in oral steroids like Anadrol, Dianabol, Winstrol or Anavar, as they are available in tablet form instead of injections.

However, remember that all these steroids have the potential to damage your liver and causes many other harmful effects if you are irresponsible in its use.

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What is best oral steroid?

What is the best steroid for you will depend upon your body type, sex and your ultimate goal. It is not easy to answer which steroid is best for you and as a matter of fact you have to find that out by various trials. Among bodybuilders following steroids are considered to be the best.

  • Anadrol during bulking
  • Anavar during cutting for men and during bulking for women
  • Clenbuterol during cutting
  • Dianabol during bulking
  • Testosterone during bulking
  • Trenbolone during bulking or cutting
  • Winstrol during cutting

Whether you are first time user of steroid or an experienced user, depending upon your current fitness standard you must be very clear about your goal. No steroid can be said to be best for cutting or bulking respectively and that is because each of these steroids have been designed for certain specific objective.

If you are new to gym then you have to work hard to reach certain level and therefore you need to honestly assess your needs. Bodybuilders take oral steroids such as Dianabol just to complement the result that you can get through working hard in the gym.

Let us discuss briefly about Anadrol considering that it proves to be your best oral steroid. If you want to remain in safe side then you must not exceed 8 weeks of its use. You need to decide your cycles and dosage during this period accordingly. Generally, it was observed that people get best result by consuming the dosage of same level for first six weeks. You must observe your progress during initial few weeks and based on that you can increase the dosage step by step during last two weeks.