The world of instantaneous communication, has given rise to a crowdfunding India, where people are using the ease of connectivity to raise money for various causes. We’ve placed a lot of emphasis on perfecting social media strategies to maximize your reach when running a crowdfunding India campaign. But let’s not forget what the masses use most to communicate – WhatsApp.

Here’s why WhatsApp communications are extremely crucial for the success of your crowdfunding campaign:

Reach out to those not on social media

Not everyone may be on Facebook or Twitter or instagram or Google+, but you’ll find that most people with a smartphone do in fact use Whatsapp for most of their communications. Therefore it’s vital that campaigners are aware and mindful of such habits while promoting their crowdfunding campaigns.

Enables personalized communications

Instant messengers like Whatsapp enable you to have one-on-one communications and discussions with donors and potential donors. If they take the effort to reply to your message on Whatsapp, you’ll know they’re interested in your cause, and you can then proceed to delve into further discussions, while persuading them to be part of your cause. It’s a great system for lead generation, as well as targeted communication.

Start a whatsapp group with donors

Whatsapp groups give you the benefit of communicating on a personal level with many people at one time. It’s also a great tool to keep existing donors engaged in your cause, so that you can turn to your loyal network for financial support for future campaigns as well.

Direct link to your crowdfunding India campaign pages

Whatsapp offers a lot of scope for call-to-action buttons. By sending a link to your campaign page, you’re ensuring they visit your page and see your initiative. Moreover, Whatsapp can be used to exchange photos, videos, and GIFs, which makes it easier to sustain the attention of a potential donor.

Sending reminders

With the clutter on social media, it’s easy to forget what you read or come across. Whatsapp allows you to send personal reminders to potential and existing donors to donate towards your cause.

Ideally, your campaign should be a combination of all elements, be it instant messaging, social media, or email outreach. While we encourage social media due to its potential for virality, we also urge you to use email and text message, for that’s what the masses in India use most.

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