Presentation is an art and it takes a lot of creativity to present a collection as well. There are a variety of ways anything can be presented like coins in a cup or withered leaves in a book. Once you have collected a number of custom bobble heads, you should also know the right way to show it.

Before showing the collection, you will have to make it worthy of seeing and this process of presenting varies from person to person. This presentation is dictated by both the number of Bobbleheads you have and also the amount of space you have. If the number is less then you can make a good show on your bedside table otherwise you will require more space than just a bedside table.

Another thing to consider before you make a presentation is to make sure it does not get dusty over time thus you will have to make it in a cleaner place otherwise when it is dusty, it will not look good. And the last thing to consider is safety. These toys are should not be placed near fire or extreme heat also it should be standing stiff avoiding downfall from your shelves or the table. Otherwise, all is good to go.

There are many ways to show your collection to your friends and family or someone you are willing to impress and all that depends on where you are showing those. If you have an entire room dedicated to the collection, then you can make square shelves on the wall with wood and colored that with different themes and on the shelves place the Custom Bobbleheads which reflects the same theme.

For example, if you are collecting this for let’s say, Marvel Superheroes, then the allotted shelf should be decorated with a theme that reflects marvel and should be colored as per the theme. This extra effort will increase the showmanship of your collection quite high.

Now if you don’t have that many shelves you can place tables. Place a giant table in the middle of the room and in the corners fit smaller tea tables. On the tables put your bobbleheads and watch them bounce their heads. As an addition to it, you can lay different tablecloths that complement your collection.

This job of creating a visual masterpiece takes a lot of time and is physically very hard and you are promised to be tired in the end but when you will look back at the room or the table it will make you feel awesome.