Allergies can be the cause of many chronic diseases in human beings. The condition is a kind of hypersensitivity response that your immune system generates against some external substance that has either entered your body or has come in close contact.  The materials can be anything ranging from pet dander to pollen to a food or medicine. An element will be an allergen if your immune system shows adverse action against it. These allergens can be present anywhere in the environment and even in your food. A substance that is an allergen for your body might not be harmful to another person.

Facts about allergy

Your body sometimes reacts against harmless substances that can be toxic for your system I particular. The most common allergens include the nuts, dust, and pollen grains. These allergens may cause vomiting, peeling of the skin, and sneezing. An allergic reaction like anaphylaxis can be severe and life-threatening if you don’t administer the authentic medicines from online medicine stores like RXShopMD. Your allergy symptoms will reduce with the administration of the drugs. The allergic reaction in your body never starts immediately after coming in contact with the allergen. The immune system takes some time to build up the sensitivity towards the substance before the overreaction begins.

Using the medicine

The antihistamines that reduce the allergy symptoms of your body include Fexofenadine as the chief component. The effects of the chemical histamine that your body produces during the allergic reaction reduce on registering the fexofenadine. Otherwise, the natural histamine will produce symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing, and itching. The medicine is for the treatment of both the children and adults suffering from the seasonal allergies too. The pill also can cure hives and the skin itching that happens under the condition of chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Dosage information

When you take the Allegra, you should abide by the prescription of the doctor or the directions given on the label of the medicine. You must not take higher dosage with the hope of faster cure as it may reverse the reaction altogether. You should drink a glass full of water for taking medicine. Don’t use any other drink for the consumption of the drug. If it is an oral suspension, then shake the liquid bottle well before consuming. For the liquid intake too, you must measure the medicine dose using the device for dose measurement. Don’t take out the medicine from the blister pack before you have it.

Effective treatment

The dust and pollen cause the most common type of allergy with symptoms like running nose, cough, blocked nose, and itchy nose or eyes. Whenever you take the Allegra, don’t try to chew it. Instead, allow the medicine to dissolve inside your mouth. It generally increases the impact of medicine. For better result, you can take medicine in an empty stomach. There should be a gap of about an hour or two between the intake of the medication and the meal. Remember to keep away the medicine from the external heat and moisture.