Apparently divorce without mutual understanding is never a walk in the park rather it could have devastating impact on person’s emotion and self-esteem.  The disrespectful allegations and dissection of individual characters in courtroom make the situation highly stressful, and with such unstable mental condition and low confidence, it is quite difficult to claim and fight for spouse maintenance. But with a reputed family law firm, you can protect your rights of availing spouse maintenance after divorce effectively with dignity.

Outstanding services

Most of the reputed family law firms handle the complex family matters such as divorce, child custody, family violence, child support, spouse maintenance, etc. with extreme sensitivity and aggressively fight in favor of client for justice. Clients can fix to appoint for a free consultation with a renowned attorney either by filing simple online form or over the phone. The experienced firm knows the importance of immediate help in time of need and hence works 24/7 for the convenience of the clients.

Be aware of affecting factors

Before claiming for spouse maintenance, it is advisable to discuss with the attorney about all possible outcomes and the important factors that might be considered by the court before giving a decision. Some of the common considerations that court will take into account are:

  • Evaluate financial status and assets of both parties to understand the standard of living.
  • Duration of marriage should be more than 10 years
  • Present mental and physical condition to confirm any disability, health concerns, age, etc.
  • Involvement of the normal or disabled child
  • Family violence, child abuse or another criminal offence
  • Future parenting responsibilities

Choose wisely

An efficient attorney can significantly enhance the chance of getting spouse maintenance and provides the client with all important information beforehand. Read the testimonials, reviews, success story, track record, list of previous clients, etc. and then take an unambiguous decision. With a reliable attorney, you can focus on your future and live life with pride.