Since 2013, pathological gambling (formerly framed as an impulse control disorder) has been considered by the American Psychiatric Association as a psychological addiction or substance less addiction. The classification of psychiatric disorders – pathological gambling is included in the group of addictive disorders, in addictions not related to substances.

How Do I Know If I Have An Addiction To Sports Betting?

The key question to know if I have a gambling problem, if gambling is no longer a hobby but an addiction, asks us to reflect on how gambling is negatively affecting some of the spheres of my life.

Whoever has an addiction to gambling not only loses money, but also loses social, family and couple relationships.

To minimize the negative consequences of gambling, it is common for you to lie, do not recognize the real losses. If the bettor says he has played, he usually does it only when he wins.

Often much of their attention and thought is focused on betting, following matches online, reviewing statistics, watching odds fluctuate, talking to other “game friends” about past and future bets, even free bet offers.

The 4 Indicators That You Have A Gambling Addiction Problem

If I lose more and more money and more time (because every time I need to bet larger amounts).

If gambling has become a way to deal with my discomfort or unease, or a way to recover previous losses.

If I lose control over my emotional states and if I have tried to reduce or eliminate my bets and this has caused me nervousness, irritability and finally repeatedly can’t control yourself again.

I must be suspicious of my addiction to sports betting if, as a direct or indirect consequence, the money I lose begins to be the “least of my losses”: I lose my job, important relationships, academic projects, and the sense of well-being disconnected from reviewing odds, keep betting and check results.


It is highly bad for one to get addicted in betting cause it tends to affect things concerning the individual example his thinking ability and psychology. It is advisable an individual watches and has limit during betting.