One often overlooked method of creating a long lasting first impression in a restaurant is employees’ uniforms. You may have the brightest lights, the biggest signs, the best furniture, and mouth-watering dishes, but giving your employees the right look will entice your customer and create a long lasting first impression. Here are helpful tips that will help you pick the right uniform for your restaurant staff.

Cool and breathable

This is the first restaurant uniforms rule. A kitchen is a hot place, so employees need clothing that assists them to stay cool in order to be more productive. Front-of-house employees and servers do not have to cope with the heat, but their comfort is very essential. Uncomfortable waiters/waitresses never make a good impression to customers and may not be able to welcome your diners warmly.

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Traditionally, chef jackets were made from cotton/polyester blend or heavy cotton, which are not flame retardant fabrics. However, the fabrics can offer a barrier between the heat source and the skin. Polyester/ cotton blends don’t stain or wrinkle badly and they don’t ignite immediately, but their comfort and breathability vary widely. Pure cotton is breathable and wicks sweat from the body easily but it stains, burns, and wrinkles. Choose a fabric that is budget-friendly and will suit the needs of your employees. Consider getting impermeable aprons for staff members who require extra protection and lightweight fabrics for waiters and waitresses.


The power of color should never be underestimated. For instance, orange and red stimulates appetite and boost excitement. Yellow is linked with creativity but should be used sparingly since it can cause anxiety. Natural elements are associated with green, and in the restaurant industry, it’s associated with natural and healthy dishes made with homegrown ingredients. White symbolizes purity and cleanliness. Choose the restaurant uniforms color wisely.


It’s important to consider what your employees will be doing in the uniforms you provide. In case they are preparing food, provide an apron to keep the underneath clothing clean. Stock numerous aprons to make it easy to switch the soiled ones immediately. Although stains are inevitable, no customer wants to see them on your waiters/waitresses. Your hostesses can wear nice attires since they are less exposed to stains and spills. The kitchen staffs require clothing that’s ideal for cooking.

The most suitable restaurant uniforms will offer a blend of cleanliness, cooperate image, and professionalism. Make sure you combine logos and colors that set your restaurant apart from the competitors. A professional uniforms provider like Prudential Overall Supply can offer the uniforms you desire for your restaurant staff. We have been operating since 1932 and have gathered enough experience and knowledge required to offer the best uniforms.