Domestic violence is learned behavior that can be passed down through the generations. Children who grow up in a home where domestic violence occurs are more likely to fall into the same habit of abusing their loved ones when they are adults, and it’s one of the many reasons domestic abuse must stop. If you are in a situation in which domestic violence occurs, it’s time to seek the help you need. It’s not easy, but a domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas can help you take back your life.

There are Different Types of Domestic Violence

Some men, women, and children are unaware they are living with domestic violence. Their abuse is often so casually covered up that it doesn’t seem obvious. Domestic violence is not only physical abuse. Domestic violence encompasses a wide range of different types of abuse.

  • Physical abuse occurs when your abuser uses physical violence against you. This includes hitting, kicking, restraining, or forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do.
  • Emotional abuse occurs when your abuser uses words to humiliate, criticize, or insult you.
  • Sexual abuse occurs when your abuser forces you into sexual situations without your consent. It’s a common misconception that sexual abuse cannot occur if you are married, but sexual activity must be consensual. Marriage does not have sex consensual.
  • Financial abuse occurs when your abuser doesn’t provide you with income, allow you to work, or allow you to continue your education.
  • Psychological abuse occurs when your abuser uses fear, threats, or intimidation to scare you into doing anything they want you to do.

Abusers are often good at hiding their abuse. Some are even good at making it seem as if they are not abusing you. Someone who uses psychological abuse, for example, might do it in a way that makes you feel as if they are loving and kind. They might give you everything and tell you they love you, and then calmly tell you they’d kill you or themselves if you ever left them. This is a threat, but it’s disguised as an act of love. It’s one of the primary examples of how certain types of abuse can be mistaken as normal behavior.

How to Get Help

If you are suffering from any type of domestic abuse, you can make it stop. Your abuser probably made you feel as if you haven’t any options, as if no one loves you, or even if you deserve your abuse. You don’t deserve any of this. Abusers work hard to take your self-confidence, and that can make it difficult for you to feel there is hope.

Call an attorney to get the help you need. Your attorney can help you leave an abusive situation with your children. They can arrange for a place to stay, protect you from your abuser, and your attorney can work to make your future brighter. Today is the best time to call.