When family’s choose an internal medicine practitioner for the adult family members and a pediatrician for those under 18 years of age, they often don’t realize that a Goshen Medical Center family medicine doctor can fulfill the needs of the entire family, while providing the convenience of a centralized point of care for the whole family.

A family physician can perform many of the routine procedures required by women, in addition to providing medical treatment for children and other adult members of the household. One of the main benefits to partnering with a family medicine practice and choosing one doctor to oversee the health of your entire family is having a medical professional who is familiar with the whole family’s health – as the family grows in age, and as new members enter the family.

The relationship between a family medical specialist and the families they serve is similar to the way health care was provided in the past. The partnership grows with the family, becoming more intimate and more knowledgeable – for both parties. But family doctors came out of the rural areas and small towns and are now part of the larger medical community. Today’ family physicians are trained to provide for a vast array of medical conditions and they still hold fast to certain practices and principles:

  • trained to diagnose and treat all sexes, all ages, and all classes of disease common to each organ system
  • uses the potentials of family medicine to have a greater impact on each individual patient’s life
  • becomes familiar with the patient’s medical needs in the context of the community and the family
  • provides a first avenue of contact for serious illness such as flu symptoms, unknown rashes, or pain

Your family practitioner stays with your family for decades, and sometimes for life. They are often designated as each person’s primary care doctor, which means they can and will refer you and your family to the appropriate specialists for extended treatments or a secondary diagnosis.

Today, we realize the critical link between wellness, disease and family history. Your family doctor is keenly positioned to be aware of hereditary issues and chronic family medical conditions along with the early symptoms they may present – such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, osteoporosis, mental illness, or high blood pressure. When your doctor is aware of your family’s health history, he can better diagnose and treat the symptoms earlier.

Consider speaking to Goshen Medical Center of North Carolina for the health and wellbeing of your family. We provide a sliding scale fee and accept most major insurance programs, along with 340(b) prescription discounts. “Our mission is to provide convenient access to health care to all people in our service area”