If you’re ready to take your knowledge and passion for cars to the next level and become your own boss, you’re ready to take advantage of our automotive franchises opportunity in Jacksonville. You will be able to meet new people, travel your territory to appraise great vehicles, and have the time of your life as a professional auto appraiser.

Each franchise territory is provided with national and regional advertising. We also provide local marketing support. This helps you get your name out there to customers. We also provide a call center for customer orders and distribution of your completed reports. Additionally, we handle credit card processing and provide IT infrastructure. You get a laptop to take notes and do the report, a digital camera, and unlimited corporate support. You’ll learn how to do appraising at our training facility in southern California.

If you have experience in the auto industry, and you’re ready to try something different, then consider becoming an auto appraiser franchisee. Your passion and experience working with various vehicles will help you as an appraiser. Your past experience has prepared you to work as an appraiser. With our extensive training and support, you’ll be confident to put your knowledge and new appraisal skills to the test with your first clients. You’ll never be unsupported when you work with us.

Your overhead cost of doing business is low, and we update our software for appraising the latest in models and customizations. You’ll get all the support you need to produce and distribute appraisal reports to customers in electronic and printed/bound formats.

Our customers know they will get a high-quality product. We give detailed information about each vehicle we appraise with high resolution photographs and detailed notes in each report. We back our reports with information on sales of comparable vehicles and insurance industry standards.

We have endorsements from major car builders, financial institutions, and insurance companies. The reputation we have gained over the years is only growing in prestige as we continue to provide a superior service to each of our clients.

You can give us a call or send a message when you’re ready to learn more about our automotive franchises opportunity in Jacksonville. We look forward to providing you with information that could change the way you live and work. Being your own boss as an appraiser and getting to travel and appraise all types of vehicles is a rewarding career move.