Blogging is a passion for many which they prefer to pursue in their spare time.If you want to write a blog for commercial purposes, make money then there are a few tips that you may like to follow. Blogging is incomplete without SEO. Post writing a blog if you do proper SEO with the blog then it attracts more web traffic andgenerates leads which can be converted to sales. Understand that maintaining a blog takes resources and time. Growing businesses may have scarcity of both resources and time. To make your blog work it is important to plan your blog posts.

The following are a few tips that you can follow to make your blog attract more customers, online. In short it is the answer to “what your blog needs to convert leads”.

Blog with an Objective

While blogging, try to blog with an objective. Try to create interesting content for your blog so that the customers keep coming back. Understand that if your posts are interesting then readers may want to share them with others.

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Know your Audience

Keeping your audience in consideration while blogging, write on blogging topics that are useful to your audience. Try to understand the type of audience who are seeing your blog posts.

Link to your Products

If you want to sell products online then maintain the blog in a manner so that it highlights the products together with blog posts. If you are into fashion then you can highlight fashion based products along with related blog posts in your business portal. Link the products using payment gateway so that customers do not have any issue while purchasing the products, online.

Make your blog attractive

Try to make your blog attractive and this makes more and more customers read your blog posts. Design your blogs using appropriate technology. Make your blog design simple and clean. There should be easy to read text in the blogs.

Include a call to action in your blog. The type of call to action that you use depends on the objective of the blog. Businesses use blogs to enhance their visibility in the web. This helps businesses to gain more and more customers.