The experience of an unattended death can be devastating for loved ones affected by it, and cleaning it up is likely the furthest thing from their minds. That is why the professionals come in to do it for them. When the best unattended death cleanup Fort Myers Florida is needed, give us a call.

Unattended deaths are biologically hazardous situations because of the release of bodily fluids from a decomposing body. Those fluids can contain pathogens that can cause infection in anyone who inadvertently comes into contact with them. Our job is to minimize the risk of infection through thorough cleaning and disinfection.

We take the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of our clients and the general public very seriously. We use all of the safeguards necessary to prevent their becoming infected. Using the latest in technology, cleaning materials, and industry best practices, our technicians clean an unattended death scene with careful attention and skill.

Biohazardous situations cannot be cleaned up by just anyone. Our technicians undergo rigorous training and are certified to handle, remove, transport, and dispose of biohazardous materials.

While we strive to return a scene to its original condition before we leave the job, we cannot always do that. Sometimes, items, such as furniture, carpeting, and drywall, have to be replaced completely because they can’t be disinfected properly. If that is the case, we can leave a clean slate for reconstruction so that the area is again safe to use by the owners occupants and guests.

Another area we help with is deodorization. Since unattended deaths often involve bodies that quickly decompose, especially in warm weather or warm climates, the odor can be overpowering and can get into items around the area. We deodorize what we can and discard the rest.

We treat our clients with compassion and care, understanding the gravity of the situation in which they find themselves. People come first in our work, and we respect our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. Our work is discreet and done with a light footstep, respecting the space of our clients. We are usually done within a few hours, but we never sacrifice the quality of our work for speed.

When we are called, we typically arrive within an hour, and we start working. You can expect excellent service when working with us, the best unattended death cleanup Fort Myers Florida can offer.