For a long time now, animated series have reached the peak of their rise and have taken a special place in the hearts of many people. Today, many large companies have switched to animated series. The Telugu industry is not far behind. Under their leadership, several excellent animated series and films have been released, but do these works deserve to stand next to other unique animations? The answer is simple and satisfying. The Telugu Industry produces animated series with a unique and exciting story.

When it comes to animated series, great care must be taken, because the primary audience for such films is still children. These children, whose psychology has not yet been fully developed, it is necessary to offer an animated movie of a story that will both entertain the child and combine cognitive functions. That way, the child will learn more about the world. Telugu manages and produces works that children like and also teaches them a lot of novelty.

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Perhaps neither needs to be reminded that mythology is one of the most exciting things for a child. To finally convince you of the truth of all this, you can look at these three amazing works of Telugu. Telugu’s animated films have garnered rave reviews from fans and several positive comments. People have realized that the Telugu industry only makes quality products for them and their little ones.

ChhotaBheem& Krishna: Mayanagari:

ChhotaBheem& Krishna: Mayanagari is a masterpiece published in 2011 in the language of Telugu, which soon made a name for itself in the world. Maayandri is a horrible demon who destroys everything in his path. This demon set off a terrible idea. He wants to rebuild his brother Kirmanda from the dead at all costs. Krishna is captured by Maayandri’s army, from where he tries to escape. At this time, the two heroes try to save the earth from this terrible demon. They will do their best to thwart Maayandri’s horrible plan. These characters try to prevent Maayandri from helping his brother recover from the dead. Will they be able to do that?

Mighty Raju in the Great Pirate:

Mighty Raju in the Great Pirate is an exceptional work in the language of Telugu that you can’t take your eyes off. This animation tells the story of a little boy Raju who lives with his parents and a dog in the town of Arya Nagar. Raju’s father, the Swami, is one of the most distinguished and famous scientists. Together with his friend Villain Karaati, he creates one of the most potent substances in the world called Neutrino. This substance is entirely accidentally drunk by Swami’s wife, Sandhya, while she is pregnant. As we know it, the action of this substance starts after five years. Raju will be rewarded with superpowers that he will soon discover and start using. I wonder what Raju will use this superpower for. You can watch movies online on a 100% Telugu content ott platform.