Ericka Camacho, the famous mathematical biologist, shared some tips on social media on how to deal with problems of water damage. Last year, her house withstood a severe flood and yet, there were a lot of damages. She mentioned a few recovering tips from such a dire situation as almost none of us know about the precautions and procedures.

With its heavy rainfall and stormy weather Queens is very familiar with the rainy and stormy winters. Often creates water damage due to flooding or frozen pipes and broken pipes. The residents have to deal with the situation and sometimes they alone cannot manage everything. So they have to take professional help to get rid of this situation. 

Because even if someone is fully prepare for the disaster, they never know how the calamity would be. This volatile weather can stay up to a whole month and make the lives of people miserable.

Many private companies provide this professional help to the residents to save their property from destroying. They hire people who are trained for this damage control. They know exactly what to do when your kitchen floor is flooded and the basement ceiling is leaking. They are very quick to work under difficult situation and fight the disaster. They use new and developed technology to extract the clogged and flooded water from your property.

Water damage restoration:

Water damage is mainly done from flood. The heavy rainfall and storm creates flood which damages the basement and other parts of an property. The pipes break and all these create huge destruction of the property. These disaster management companies are fix the pipes and clean the whole are within 48hours of the disaster. They also sanitize the whole area. They do a successful water restoration job by performing highest form of water mitigation.

Mold control:

Due to water clogging, mold will grow. The molds grow in damp and wet areas and in this disaster when the water is flooded or clogged in one place for a long time, it will damage the furniture, carpets etc. The molds cause infection and asthma, those who already have an asthma problem, the disease increases. These people sanitize the area and make sure that the place is mold free. They also take samples and test if there are chances of further mold growing.

Sewage clean-up:

During this situation sewage damage is another big problem. For the leakage and broken pipes there’s a high chance of sewage disruption. The raw sewage come out of the toilet or the sink, pipes and other outside sources. This sewage water which is also called the black water is very toxic and full of bacteria. 

This is the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi which can cause many diseases. So this has to be professionally cleaned. The disaster management companies clean the whole area where the sewage has got damaged and sanitize it. They make sure the whole area is cleaned and dried properly. So, that there is no chance of spreading infections.