The cockfighting is regarded as the traditional gambling betting game. The demand for betting in the cockfighting is increasing. The fighting is between the chickens. The winnings of the bettings are shown on live casino. The Sabung ayam is the official site for betting through the gamblers. Before indulging in the betting, the person should know about the different types. Many betting games are availed through the Sabung ayam online site. Important information should be gathered for success in betting.

  1. 1. Bangkok chicken fighting

The Bangkok chicken is considered for a long time-fighting. There is a race between the Bangkok Chickens for winning, and betting on the outcome is made. The bones of the chicken are large with great stamina, and the mental quality of focusing on the chickens is excellent. Many players for winning select them. The person should not consider the physical appearance of the chicken. The holding of winning is never given up spirit are held with the chickens.

  1. Pak Choy chicken fighting

The pakhoy chicken has an appearance like a ghost and is famous for its high prices. The prices for the chicken are high in comparison to Bangkok chicken. They are excellent at fighting, and it can be a reason for their high prices. The stamina and never giving up attitude is like the Bangkok chickens. Most of the winning chickens are coming from the same country. These are more famous in domestic territory. The winning of the chicken is not remarkable worldwide.

  1. Burmese chicken fighting

The Burmese chicken is renowned for their fights at the Sabung ayam online site. These are known as fighter chickens. The size of the chickens is small, and they take that advantage in defeating opponents. The wings of the chicken have unique characteristics. A short distance is maintained from the opponents. If the opponent attacks, then a hard push is given in self-defense. The prices of the chicken are high for betting.

  1. O shama chicken fighting

 The O shama chicken is regarded as the king of the cockfighters at the Sabung ayam. The body of the chicken is strong and large. The look is attractive, with a quick and smart walk. The blow of the chicken is high because of the large size. They are best suited for cockfighting. The chicken is the descendant of the Bangkok and Japan chickens. Due to the significant body posture, the jump of the chicken is high in the race and increases the possibility of winning the gamblers. The demand for chicken is rising at a rapid rate.

  1. Filipino chicken fighting 

 The Filipino chickens are regarded as average chickens for a fight. The size of the chicken is not too large. The mental ability is fascinating as the size of the opponent is not a cause of concern. The prices of the chicken are average. They avoid unnecessary movements in the fighting. So, the gambler can consider the types of cocks before selection.