When you say weight loss, you don’t mean losing weight but lose fat from your body. Losing weight isn’t tough, anyone can do that, but It involves losing fat as well as your muscles, that you don’t want to do.

The success of weight loss lies in losing as much as fat from your body, but not the muscles, instead you want to preserve as much as muscle possible. The real count of losing weight is the percent of fat you have left in your body, or you have reduced. Therefore, the scale of weight machine indicates noting really.

The muscles of your body are an essential part of burning the extra fat from your body. The muscle consists of mitochondria which act as a powerhouse for burning fats. By the help of mitochondria, the cells of your body derive energy by metabolizing the fats. The correlation is directly proportional, i.e. the number of mitochondria you have is related to the amount of muscle your body has, and the amount of mitochondria you have signifies the amount of fat your body can burn.

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How to produce more mitochondria?

Mitochondria can be produced in your body, but you have to create an atmosphere for your body to build it and this can be done by doing intensifying exercises. High-intensity interval training is a good option. You can also use weight. When you are creating a significant energy need for your body, your body doesn’t have that kind of energy right now; it is forced to create new mitochondria to prepare itself for the next time.

Your body will start burning fat throughout the day, even while you are asleep.

Leave worrying about your weight

The weight here on a scale machine is just the act of gravity over your body. The real thing you need to avoid is the fat percentage of your body not the weight on a scale. You need to count on the percent of fat you burn every day, and that would make you much healthier rather than diet and skip your meals.